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Our Board of Directors

What we are able to do is due in large part to the dedication and support of women and men who contribute their time, experience and so much more to our mission and work in the community. The term for WCSC board membership is three years, with elections held at annual meetings.

Our board of directors are actively involved in overall management, policy setting and long-range planning for the organization, as well as selection and supervision of the leadership for daily operations, and approving the hiring or promotion of managerial staff. All of our board members make financial contributions to the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix.



Board President Kathy Sheats has been a long-time volunteer and financial supporter of WCSC. Kathy was instrumental in developing our volunteer victim advocate program. She has chaired our Annual Tennis Classic committee and was very involved in our “Eras-isms” program, to build awareness and understanding around ethnic diversity. Kathy is also a faculty member for the nursing program at the University of the Virgin Islands.

Board Vice President Carol Battuello is a founding member of WCSC. She has been an active volunteer victim advocate for more than 20 years. Carol plays a very active role in advocate training and has served on many committees over the years. Carol is also a social worker for hospice care patients.

Board Secretary Bethany Bradford has been a volunteer with WCSC since 1989. Her expertise in administration, negotiations and public policy has been beneficial to the community. Bethany is also a veterinarian working with the Virgin Islands government.

Board Treasurer Brenda Sinfield is the chairperson of our finance committee and has been an outstanding ambassador for the organization. She was instrumental in helping WCSC to raise $30,000. Brenda is also a sales representative for a local business firm.

Captain Melbourne Adams is a retired member of the USVI Police Department. He has been volunteering with WCSC from the beginning, in various capacities. Captain Adams also serves on a number of our event committees, including “Take Back the Night.” Captain Adams is a recipient of our Hero Award for community members who have made significant contributions to domestic violence prevention.

Kaleema Al-Nur is an international attorney, educator and consultant. She has trained with human rights organizations in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, including Amnesty International and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Kaleema has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations, including program coordination, board development and fundraising. Kaleema is also a judicial law clerk for the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, Family Division.

Juana Fuentes-Bowles was director of the Civil Rights Division in Delaware, when Vice President Joe Biden was governor. She is a dedicated supporter of WCSC’s mission and an active committee member.                                                   

Ilyn Easy has been a volunteer with the organization for over 20 years, in all capacities. She has made substantial financial contributions to WCSC over the years. She also has chaired many event committees. Ilyn is the creator of the “Brick Buy Brick” fundraising campaign, dedicated to the restoration of our 7 East Street facility, which was irreparably damaged by fire in 2011.

Yemaya Jones is a well-known local artist and fabric designer. She has been a WCSC supporter for many years, particularly with our art fundraisers. 

Lisa Harris Moorhead is an attorney for the Legislative Branch of the Virgin Islands government. She has supported WCSC’s mission with financial contributions over the past 20 years.                                                               

Claire Roker worked for the Legislative Branch of the Virgin Islands government before retirment. She has been a long time supporter of WCSC. Her commitment to our cause ranges from financial support to acting as an ambassador for the organization in the community.

Sandra Setorie has served in many capacities on our board of directors. Her brilliance at representing WCSC, as well as her generosity, has contributed to the organization’s growth significantly. She has recruited many volunteers for WCSC. Sandra is also the assistant executive director of the V.I. Public Services Commission.                                                                               

Adrienne Seward has been a WCSC volunteer for the past 11 years. She has served on many fundraising and event committees. Adrienne orchestrated one of our biggest fundraisers, where over $100,000 was raised for our mission. Adrienne is also the office manager for a local business firm.

Tania Tomyn is an active committee member and supporter of WCSC’s mission. She is a successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of proven expertise in construction, renewable energy development and government contracting.  Tania is the chief executive officer of Tibbar Energy USVI, LLC, a 100% women-owned local company, focused on the development of biomass and renewable energy. She is also the chief executive officer of Tibbar Construction Services, Inc., also a women-owned business.

Wallace Williams is the founder of our annual Women Race, one of our most popular community fundraising events. Wallace has been a long-time supporter of WCSC and has donated his services to WCSC as an organizer for all 29 Women Races. During his tenure as territorial librarian, he made space available in the local library for the founders of WCSC to meet in the early years, an important step in our development.

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