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“Unless someone offers a friendly smile, a helping hand, a caring word, a listening ear, somebody, somewhere loses the courage to live.”–Unknown

Before WCSC began, there was no place on St. Croix for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to get help focused on the unique challenges they face. Our work began with volunteers offering support without judgment to rape victims in crisis. The volunteer victim advocate program expanded to provide for victims of domestic violence in need of crisis intervention and safe emergency housing.

The need for a safe space to offer a range of supportive programs and services to victims and survivors helped shape the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix.

The Importance of Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting and empowering people impacted by violence. The needs of the thousands of women, children and men who are victims and survivors continue to shape our mission and what we do. Underlying factors that keep the number of incidents growing, including poverty, sexism and racism, affect survivors, families, everyone in our community.

Support without judgment and opportunities for hope are available, regardless of ethnic identity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or age:

  • Crisis intervention services and therapeutic counseling are offered in English and Spanish.
  • First responders including police, hospital and social service personnel can receive sensitivity training to better assist survivors in crisis.
  • Survivors in crisis are met at police stations or the hospital and offered support by trained volunteer victim advocates.
  • Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and their children have access to safe emergency housing and aid, 24/7/365, and transitional housing.
  • Survivors of domestic violence in secondary stages of healing can participate in weekly self-help support groups.
  • Community education is available for businesses, places of worship, public service agencies and other organizations on domestic violence, sexual assault, child molestation, conflict resolution, date rape, sexual harassment and other issues.
  • Child advocacy is available to promote children’s interests and protect their rights in many different settings, including home, courts, schools, and social agencies.
  • School workshops and presentations for students in kindergarten through higher education are available for public and private schools on issues of conflict resolution, violence and sexual abuse prevention.

The Women's Coalition of St. Croix
P.O. Box 222734
Christiansted, VI 00822-2734

Telephone: (340) 773-9272
Facsimile: (340) 773-9062

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