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What You Can Say

Helpful things you can say to a friend you suspect is abused.

  1. I’m afraid for your safety.
  2. I’m afraid for the safety of your children.
  3. It will only get worse.
  4. We’re here for you when you are ready or when you are able to leave.
  5. You deserve better than this.

You can help

If you know a woman who is being battered, you can do the following:

  • Be there as a friend, be non-judgmental, be a good listener. Give her support.
  • Allow her to make her own decisions.
  • Tell her she is not the only woman being beaten, and that no one deserves to be beaten.
  • Find out if she is physically hurt. If so, help her to the hospital.
  • You can help her report the assault to the police, if she wishes to do so.
  • If you can, help her with transportation and child care.
  • If she needs to leave home for her safety, you may be able to help her find a temporary home. In an emergency, invite her to stay with you if you think you will both be safe.
  • Please have her call the Women’s Coalition for any further help at 773-9272.
  • Print this page for her.
  • Speak out against violence.

There’s NO excuse for domestic violence!

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