Silent Pain

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Written as a tribute to WCSC for helping victims of domestic violence

On a dark and dreary night

a woman cries out in pain

No one hears but her children

but they cannot help

Fear paralyzes them

for the inflictor of the pain

is their Daddy.

Their wonderful Daddy

their paragon of virtue, of goodness, of love

is an abuser, wife beater

They don’t know what to do

torn between love and loyalty

they engulf themselves in silence.

This phase will pass

as soon as he stops drinking

He never drank before

why all of a sudden…

And the beatings continue

and a Mother’s shame

deters her from seeking help.

So she covers her bruises with makeup

and hides her puffy eyes

behind dark shades

And tries to believe

only the family knows.

Cosmo Williams ©1999

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