Ending domestic violence requires attention and action all year round. But during October, we turn the spotlight on brighter, with events and campaigns to educate, promote prevention efforts and encourage more support for survivors. Call WCSC for more information and volunteer opportunities, 340.773.9272. Victims and survivors are facing the trauma of DV and the added dangers of COVID-19. Share some words of encouragement, let them know that help is available and that you care. Post a message of hope or a short video on your favorite social channel and use the hashtags, #StxDVAM or  #support4survivors  as part of our ongoing campaign of support.

Make a personal statement against domestic violence in our communities by wearing the theme color on #VIPurpleDay!  

Just a purple ribbon let’s a survivor know that you care and will inspire everyone you see to show  support for those who are impacted by domestic violence in our community.

Join us to donate toiletries, canned goods and other much-needed items from our wish list, and help victims and survivors in crisis, and families in need. Thank you for caring!

Even during the global pandemic, we must continue to raise awareness around this crime that affects us all. Share in your circles that the third Thursday is for TBTN, and join the movement to show support for survivors. Let’s  proclaim, USVI Says NO MORE DV!

Purple shoes or purple eyeshadow or a purple bowtie make a powerful awareness statement!  Every October, during DVAM, the National Network to end Domestic Violence (NNEDV) hosts the National Week of Action.  We join NNEDV in encouraging individuals, advocates and communities to take action to help end domestic violence. 

Drape your vehicle in purple and join us as we ride to promote the end of domestic violence and show support for victims and survivors.  

See you on the road!


Photo by Fiona Stokes

The “Take Back the Night” Silent March down Strand St., Frederiksted.