Stalking Awareness & Human Trafficking Awareness–Keep the Momentum Going

It is important to remember that stalking is a crime. It is important to remember that perpetrators use stalking as a tactic against victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We must keep the momentum of stalking awareness and support for survivors going, beyond National Stalking Awareness Month in January. Learning the signs is important, including:

  • Contacting Constantly and Repeatedly
  • Obtaining Details Before They Are Provided
  • Showing Up Unannounced Repeatedly

Human trafficking is a crime that involves   isolating and grooming victims. Traffickers recognize and take advantage of people who are vulnerable. Indicator that someone may be vulnerable to or experiencing human trafficking include:

  • Having previously experienced other forms of violence such as sexual abuse or domestic violence
  • Have run away or are involved in the juvenile legal or child welfare system
  • Facing poverty or economic need, having an unstable living situation

We must keep the momentum going around human trafficking, and support for victims and survivors, during Human Trafficking  Awareness and Prevention Month in January, and beyond.

Call our main office/crisis center at 340.773.9272, for information on the services we offer to victims and survivors of violence, including stalking and human trafficking.