NSVRC’s SAAM Day of Action

We join the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in recognizing the first Tuesday of every April as the SAAM Day of Action. The Day of Action is an opportunity to start off the month with highly visible and coordinated actions. Wear teal–the color of sexual violence prevention–and share your selfie or create a photo collage with your friends, family, framily, etc.

Chances are someone in your life is a survivor of sexual harassment, assault or abuse, even if they have never shared their story with you. Show your support for survivors of sexual harassment and abuse by wearing teal — the color of sexual violence prevention — today and post a selfie to Twitter or Instagram using #SAAM2021. By wearing teal, you’re signaling that you support survivors, and are a safe person to talk to if they need to reach out. Use one of NSVRC’s images to describe an action you can take to create a safe space online.



Apr 06 2021


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National Sexual Violence Resource Center