Let’s Talk: EEEEzing Into Change Radio Show 1

WCSC and JKC Communications are partnering on this very special opportunity for you be engaged in education, positive experiences and empowerment.

Let’s Talk: EEEzing Into Change is our new radio show! Chocked full of orginal content and featuring guest experts, we want to share knowledge and hear from you on what’s important to building peace and supporting healing in our communities. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of global health and wellness challenges, we continue to build a strong voice for educating ourselves, engaging in positive experiences that help us to embrace our power as individuals and communities, to create change where and when we need it. 

Spread the word that Let’s Talk: EEEzing Into Change will be aired on Isle 95 – WJKC 95.1FM, the first Wednesday of each month, starting on June 1st. The first show’s focus will be, “How Much Do You Know About WCSC?” You’ll meet some of our staff and learn about some of the advocacy, programs and services available to our communities, free of charge. The show will also be livestreamed on our social channels, with live chat available for your questions and comments.

Mark your calendars on Wednesdays – the first Wednesday of the month, specifically. Get ready to make actionable conversation a part of your power toolkit, with WCSC’s Let’s Talk: EEEzing Into Change, on Isle 95.




Jun 01 2022