January – National Stalking Awareness Month

Stalking. You hear the term being used in popular culture as way to describe attention paid to people, trends and more. This crime is not a joke nor is it a way to show healthy interest; it should not be used or taken lightly.

Stalking has been defined by the Stalking Prevention, Awareness & Resource Center (SPARC) as a pattern of behavior directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for the person’s safety or the safety of others; or suffer substantial emotional distress.

Perpetrators of other crimes, including domestic and sexual violence, often use stalking as a threat or tactic of harm.

People who have been victimized or suspect someone of stalking should keep records of all incidents and behaviors. Click below to get a copy of SPARC’s Stalking Incident and Behavior Log to help you with keeping track of what happens. Contact us at our main office/crisis center for more information on free services available for people impacted by violence: 340.773.9272. Visit SPARC’s website for more resources and information about National Stalking Awareness Month.

Stalking Incident &  Behavior Incident Log – English

Registro de Comportamientos e Incidentes de Acecho – Espanol