Let’s Talk: WCSC’s August Radio Show

International Youth Day is recognized on August 12th. This month’s radio show will focus on youth and gun violence prevention. Join us on the radio at 2:00 p.m. AST, on August 3rd on 95.1FM – WJKC.

The traditional approach to gun violence and gun possession is not working … We have to look at it as a public health problem.—Antonio Emanuel, Executive Director, VI Office of Gun Violence Prevention, viconsortium.com

This topic is too often in the news, with reports featuring high numbers of unlicensed weapons, tragic murders of young people and devastated surviving loved ones in our communities. What can we do to bring about positive change?  We will be talking with Antonio Emanuel, Executive Director of the VI Office of Gun Violence Prevention, Sister Ihesha, community activist and originator of the Our Loved Ones Are Alive In Our Hearts street march and program, held in Frederiksted every April, and youth advocate Kattyana Weekes. Our co-hosts will be Lis Stewart – WCSC’s Child Counselor and Debra Benjamin, our Communications Coordinator.

In addition to airing on Isle 95 at 2:00 p.m., the show will be livestreamed on our Facebook page – @wcstx. Call in with your questions and comments: 340.773.3636.

Let your voice be heard on this issue that affects us all. Let’s talk!