LGBTQIA+ Pride Month – We Are Here For All People Impacted by Violence

June is National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning Intersex, Asexual plus Pride Month, which is often abbreviated to LGBTQIA+, with the plus to include everyone who does not identify with any of the preceding orientations or identities. LGBTQIA+ persons may experience victimization that includes threats of “outing,” to family/friends, in their workplace or place of worship, and other tactics that cause harm or affect their safety.

We are here for all people impacted by violence, with advocacy, programs and services free and available to people of all genders, gender identities and sexual orientations. Creating peaceful, healing communities means acceptance of our similarities as people and the qualities that make each of us unique. We must raise our voices, and put intentional action around prioritizing equity and equality in meeting all of our needs. Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month as a community member, show support for victims survivors as an ally or offer trauma-informed care as an advocate or other service provider. We are the change we need in our world.