May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Let’s Talk!

Wellness for our bodies, includes mental health. Dealing with life’s challenges can be difficult at times. It is okay not to be okay and get the help you need. We are supporting the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ (NAMI’s) campaign, #morethanenough. We must do more to ensure that all of get the mental healthcare that we need. All people, no matter where they are on their mental health journey, deserve support, resources, fulfillment and communities that care. Coupled with the effects of trauma caused by domestic or sexual violence, survivors deserve trauma-informed care.

We all must play a part in helping to remove the stigma from mental illness. Check in with those you care about. Talk about how and what you are feeling. Find out about available support services, if mental illness is in your experience. It is important to seek help when you need it.

We are also supporting Mental Health America’s 2023 campaign, “Take some time to #LookAroundLookWithin.” Many factors impact our mental health. Giving ourselves opportunities to examine how our environment, experiences and other issues are affecting us, can help with figuring out what we need to be and feel our best.

This month on Let’s Talk: EEEEzing Into Change, our radio show, we will be discussing mental health and homelessness. Joining the conversation will be guest experts, Karen Dickenson of the Collective Collaboration, and Tarik McMillan of Greater Changes, LLC. The show will air on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2:00 p.m. AST, on WJKC – 95.1FM and we will livestream on our Facebook page – @WCSTX.

Help to spread the word that together we are #morethanenough and remember to #lookaroundlookwithin.

Call the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix for information on the free services we offer in English and Spanish, including counseling and referral services: 340.773.9272.